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Through our years of research and investigation in custom fit earphone space, we have made groundbreaking discoveries.

World's First and Largest Human Ear Database

In partnership with Tsinghua University, we established the world’s first and largest human ear database dedicated for ear wear study and first standardized human ear sizing chart, the brainpower and intelligence behind Arc.

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Earphone Wearing Ergonomic Study

Arc is the manifest of four years of careful engineering, backed by the first-ever intensive study on the ergonomics of human ears. We have measured hundreds of thousands of ears, and made ear molds to examine the best ways to achieve comfort and custom fit.

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We generated statistical distribution charts from the 3D scan data, and developed in-depth understandings to the nature and physics of human ears.

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Extensive analysis and modeling were conducted to the data. We were thrilled to discover that by extracting the five key human ear parameters, the perfect matching earbuds can be customized for your type of ears.

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